We are all familiar with the term ‘Rogue Trader’ and sadly too many of us have fallen victim to their false claims, scams and sub-standard services.  Here at Patronus Security UK Ltd we are extremely proud of the standard of service we offer to our clients and their consumers.  Since 2009 we have constantly strived to improve the services we offer and how we offer them.  We would never recommend a service to a client if we believe that the service would not suit their needs.  Those who do chose Patronus to service their security needs can expect only the highest standard of service brought to them in a fair and professional manner.

In order to demonstrate to our existing clients and to potential clients that we care about and are serious about the standard of services we offer, we looked to find an accreditation which would help us achieve this.

The ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme was first launched by Hampshire Trading Standards in 1999. At around the same time, Devon Trading Standards initiated a similar scheme called ‘CustomerFirst’. The two schemes became successful and merged formally in 2008 as ‘Buy With Confidence’ with over 20 local authorities taking part.  The scheme is the largest of its kind nationally and continues to expand.

Membership of the scheme is not given lightly and we, as a company, had to prove via monitoring, recommendations, background checks and reviews, that we were worthy of being accredited.  We will continue to be monitored under the scheme.

We want you to know that we are serious about what we do and the standard of service we offer and we hope that this accreditation serves in some way as a way of proving this.

For more information please see the Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ site: