Professional security is not something that every security company necessarily provides. Sure, they will all advertise themselves as being ‘professional’ and by definition they will be right, but just because you’re paying someone money for his/her security services, that does not always mean that they will conduct these services in a thorough and professional manner. 

Depending on the requirements, some people take the option of hiring a private individual or group of individuals simply because they ‘look the part’. Looking the part is all well and good however behind the shiny veneer there needs to be substance, experience and professionalism. 

True security professionals don’t put themselves first in any situation. In fact, they don’t even put themselves second or third. No, the best security professionals always put the safety of the public, the safety of employees and their client’s individual needs first. Always.

Professional security is all about delivering an exceptional service to the client. Training. Communication. Safety. Vigilance. Licences. These are the things that a professional security company should be offering to each and every client that hires them. So let’s look into a little deeper into them – and others – to find out exactly why these things matter to the safety and security of businesses, individuals, and the general public at large.

5 Things To Look For In A Professional Security Company

1. Safety First

Yes, above all else, your professional security company should be at pains to stress how important safety is, and how seriously they take it. There is no one single factor that is more vital than the physical safety of every person that the security officer has been hired to protect. There should therefore never even be a whiff of a security strategy that appears to put either the public, the client or the security officer(s) in danger. If the client suggests such a thing, then it is the mark of a professional security company to point out the dangers and inadequacies of the plan, and offer a superior strategy that will maximise the safety of all.  A robust Health and Safety policy should always be available and recognised accreditations such as SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Services) and CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) are two to look out for.  Patronus Security hold accreditations with both.  Leading on from this, ensure your chosen security company has adequate insurance, public liability cover being key.

2. The Client’s Specific Needs

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ approach to security and therefore you should never hire a company that does not send someone out in person to view the venue and speak with you before accepting the commission. Every situation is different. Every client has different needs. And only the best professional security companies will take the time to assess the location and listen thoroughly to the client before strategizing the best safety and security plan that corresponds precisely to those needs.

3. Communication

Communication is imperative right from the word go. Firstly, communication with the client is of utmost importance – if the security company you are considering isn’t communicating what their service will offer in easy-to-understand terms or if you feel like there’s something that firm ‘isn’t telling you’, then you can expect similar communication issues to be rife throughout the whole operation.  Effective communication between client and security company should begin long before any work is commissioned, and from thereon maintained throughout the partnership. This is imperative right throughout the whole service. It is one of the main roles of the security officer on the ground to observe and report and therefore good communication should be demonstrated by every single officer that is on-site – between each other, and between themselves and the client.

4. Vigilance

The client often hires security in the hope that it will not be needed. Often the very presence of a security officer can be enough to ensure peace is kept but that should not mean that the officers in question are simply standing around doing nothing. No, the professional security officer will always be vigilant, will notice a vehicle parked in the wrong place, or a pedestrian that has walked past one too many times. When the security company comes out to talk in person with the client and view the location for the purposes of forming a security strategy, all details should be noticed, including blind spots and crowd capacity.  You, as the client, should feel safe and protected right from the get-go with the security company – and if you don’t, or if you feel that some important issues are being overlooked, then you need to reconsider using the company.

5. Quality Training And Valid Licences

Providing security is not an unskilled trade by any stretch of the imagination. Conflict management, physical intervention and door supervision are just some of the disciplines in which you should expect all officers provided to be trained. And, what is more, relevant and valid licenses should all be made readily available to you, the client, upon request. Additionally, a professional security company should be equipping all officers with First Aid and CPR training, as they will inevitably be the first professionals on the scene in case of an emergency.  Patronus Security provides in house training so we are always confident in the level of training our staff have received.

If you’re looking for a professional security company, then look no further. Patronus Security deliver professional security solutions for businesses, individuals, events and private functions. All of our officers are trained and licenced to Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards and have many years of experience in the profession.

To find out more, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have about your security needs.